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Who's Ange?

Ange Libby is an Orange County, California based designer. She began her colorful life working as a professional drummer performing all over the world. She recorded, played for several cartoons, and appeared with the house band of a nationally syndicated TV show here in the USA. She ended up living in the South of France playing in a French band, absorbing French style, and eating a lot of pastries. Ange always had her hand in art and design, and was really inspired by the quality and originality of everything European. Her quest for an original, structured, yet colorful handbag, led her to design her own. Using inspiration from French and Italian design and all the beautiful candies and pastries that she had seen (and eaten) while she lived and traveled in Europe, she came up with her own line of Sparkling Handbags and gave them an American twist. Ange Libby bags are all made of colorful, smooth, shiny, vegan, glitter vinyl. Ange encourages you to step out of your color comfort zone, and try her handbags. They are beautifully made, amazingly colored, and sparkle like crazy in the sun.


Ange Libby Bags and Wallets are available at:
Warwicks Iconic Bookshop & Unique Gifts La Jolla, CA
Museum of Art Store (Bibliotique) San Diego, CA

Museum of Contemporary Art Store Scottsdale, AZ
The Modern Art Museum Store Fort Worth, TX
Right here on this website!
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