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Strawberry  Lemonade Circular Sparkling Handbag

Strawberry Lemonade Circular Sparkling Handbag


Check out the Ange Libby Strawberry Lemonade Sparkling Circular Handbag. This bag has an acrylic short handle and a removable/adjustable crossbody strap. You'll love the look and feel of the sparkling, smooth, pink and gold glitter vinyl with a black sparkle button. The Shimmering pink back of the bag has a convenient cell phone pocket, and the sides are glittering light turquoise. This color combo feels like Art Deco! The surprise interior fabric and circular label add something special for your eyes only. You'll enjoy the interior pocket for easy access items, and there's a useful pen pouch as well. This bag is a perfect 8 1/2" circle with a 4" depth.  You'll be surprised how roomy it is inside. It's also vegan!

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